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Here you´ll find our little fun clip featuring Henry Mancini´s “Baby Elephant Walk”!

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Trailer „Concerto Grosso No.1“ composed by Stefan Heucke
Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal
Wuppertaler Sinfonieorchester
Conductor Julia Jones

Video: JABS-Media.de
Audio: photoandweb.com/audio

Voilá – the online gallery was updated!

Here in our recently updated online gallery are now available: images of our past concerts, insights on play and severity during our private rehearsals and impressions from our CD recording sessions!

Our new CD is available since december 2016:


…at the end of a wonderful year 2016, full of joyful concerts and energetic recording sessions, we have finally finished our new CD, the 6th!


Now available! For orders email joerg-wachsmuth@melton-tuba-quartett.de !

Our most recent Concerts May 2022:

May 18 Palais Zabeltitz 7pm 01561 Grossenhain

May 19 Church St.Nikolai 7pm 16766 Kremmen

May 21 Low Brass Workshop 19395 Plau am See, 8pm concert Church St.Marien

May 22 Church St.Bartolomaei 5pm 17109 Demmin

Our past Concerts 2021:

August 18 Düsseldorf

August 19 Geretsried Isarsommer Festival

August 20 Mörsach Altmühltal, Atelier Zimmermann

August 21 Iserlohn/Hemer

August 22 Wuppertal-Dönberg

August 23 Viersen WoodnBrass

October 23 Holdorf Osterort Musikscheune 19:00h

October 26 Hagen “Concerto grosso Nr.1″ by Stefan Heucke

October 27 Meschede “Concerto grosso Nr.1″ by Stefan Heucke

Concerts 2020:

January 27, 2020 Charity Gala Concert “Nessun Dorma” in Essen Philharmonic Hall

March 27, 2020 Alexander v. Humboldt Congress in Bamberg CANCELLED due to Corona Virus

April 4/5, 2020 Printemps de Tuba Festival, Langon, South France CANCELLED due to Corona Virus

August 19, 2020 Düsseldorf-Lörick (cancelled due to Corona)

August 20, 2020 Warstein-Belecke

August 21, 2020 Qultur-Arena Quedlinburg

August 22, 2020 Bamberg Rosengarten Serenaden

August 23, 2020 Wurz, Oberpfalz

(October 27/28, 2020 Solo Concerts with Philharmonic Orchestra Hagen “Concerto grosso Nr.1″ by Stefan Heucke) cancelled due to Corona Pandemia

February 21, 2021 Mercatorhalle Duisburg – cancelled due to Corona Pandemia

Concerts 2019:

March 29 Bibersfeld (near Schwäbisch Hall) 7:30 pm

March 30 Historische Redoute Passau 7:30 pm

March 31 Schüttbau Rügheim 5:00 pm

August 28 ev. Kirche Dönberg Wuppertal 7:30 pm

August 29 WoodnBrass Viersen 7:00 pm

August 30 Leutzscher KunstRasen Festival Leipzig 8:00 pm

August 31 Paretz (near Potsdam) 5:00 pm

October 13 Kloster Banz (near Lichtenfels) 11:00am

Concerts in 2017/2018:

Feb. 17 Jever-Cleverns

Feb. 21 Cologne WDR radio

April 22 Heilbronn-Horkheim

May 2 Karlsruhe

May 20 Hammelburg

June 11 Kremmen

June 12 Berlin-Friedrichshagen

Dec. 2/3 Dresden

Dec. 17/18 Wuppertal

Jubilee-Tour in January 2018:

Jan. 2 Hemer

Jan. 3 Neuenkirchen

Jan. 4 Holte-Stukenbrock

Jan. 5 Havixbeck

Jan. 6 Remscheid

Jan. 7 Mörsach

Jan. 8 Geretsried

Feb. 24 Dessau

Feb. 25 Grossenhain

More concerts 2018:

February 24 Bauhaus Dessau

February 25 Kulturschloß Großenhain

May 12 Stadtkirche Crivitz

May 13 Kirche Ganschendorf

Concerts 2016:

Concerts in Düsseldorf, Lübbecke, Bielefeld, Remscheid-Lüttringhausen, Frankfurt/Main, Nürnberg-Wendelstein, and Bamberg. Recording sessions at Topaz Audio Studios, Cologne.


January 12/13/14 we did Grand Concerto 4 Tubas again, this time with the “Neue Philharmonie Westfalen”, here are all the details. Celebrated concerts in Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen and Kamen.

January 18 there was a matinee concert 11am in Mörsach, Bavaria.

Workshop and Concert in Volkach

October 24 – 26 there was a big low brass workshop held by Deutsches Tubaforum in the beautiful Frankonian city of Volkach. On the 25th the Melton Tuba Quartett gave a concert for all participants and the public. Honorary Lifetime President of the Deutsches Tubaforum, Prof. Klemes Pröpper, attended the concert and gold plated the event by his presence.

Haus Martfeld, Schwelm

September 25 the ensemble presented a mostly new programme to an enthusiastic audience. Hartmut Müller gave helpful background info as well as charming introduction to the music. We even had a World Premiere: “Guca 20h” by Berlin composer Jürgen Hahn, a most virtuoso “Balkan Pop” piece, made to raise the audience from their chairs!

mdr Musiksommer

August 17 there was an open air concert in Bad Berka. Thanks to the friendly weather we had a chance to delight the audience with a pleasurable summer program. Here you can watch what was on mdr television broadcast about the event!

Theater Schweinfurt

May 30 we gave a performance at Theater Schweinfurt, here is their website.

Thanks to a great audience and a fantastic team backstage!

And here you can read the article that has appeared in the local newspaper “Mainpost”

Prof. Jörg Wachsmuth and the Giant Tuba

On Tuesday, May 15 at 7 pm in the Stadthalle Markneukirchen, Germany, Jörg was featured as soloist playing the new sensational Giant Tuba built by a group of Markneukirchen instruments manufacturers. The horn is displayed at the famous Markneukirchen Music Instruments Museum. It is a triple BBB tuba, one octave lower than a regular BB tuba and built to the scale of 2:1. Jörg has actually played it as soloist with the Markneukirchen Stadtorchester directed by Dr. Enrico Weller. He did “Der Alte Brummbär” by Julius Fucik and Rimski-Korsakov´s “Flight of the Bumble Bee” in special arrangements as well as the Pavel Stanek Tuba Concerto. A review of the entire concert can be found here.

Jörg has already presented the Giant Lady on MDR TV, here you can watch the featurette. The tuba will be after app. 9 minutes from the start of the show. Have fun!

Prof. Jörg Wachsmuth and the Giant Tuba

Prof. Jörg Wachsmuth and the Giant Tuba

More Performances of Grand Concerto 4 Tubas

After our acclaimed concerts with the Duisburg, Dresden, Bamberg and Wuppertal Symphony Orchestras we´ve just had some more performances recently:

October 22 and 23 with the Philharmonic Orchestra Hagen

October 26 with the Neubrandenburg Philharmonie

and there will be even more in 2014:

January 23, 24 and 25 in Brandenburg near Berlin, Germany

January 26 in Potsdam, all 4 concerts with the Brandenburg Symphony

February 4 in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr with the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra

more details you´ll find here

Online Review of the new CD

The new recording of works by John Stevens has received highest acclaim amongst critics and audiences. Here you can read what Graham Rickson of Classical CDs Weekly has written about Grand Concerto 4 Tubas.

2012 Performances of Grand Concerto 4 Tubas in June and December

Friday, June 22nd, the Melton Tuba Quartett performed the Grand Concerto 4 Tubas open air with the Bamberg Symphony at the “Landesgartenschau Bamberg”, the Flowers and Garden Festival, for app. 4000 people. This was followed by performances in Fürth and Schweinfurt on June 23rd and 24th as well as a concert at the “Festival Mitte Europa” in Ostrov, Czech Republic on June 26th. The picknick concert at the Mozartfest Würzburg on Sunday, July 1st had to be cancelled due to a rather bad weather forecast. Our next concerts were July 12 – 15 in southern Germany, the details you´ll find on the “concerts”-page. Next performances of “Grand Concerto 4 Tubas” were with the Wuppertal Symphony under the baton of Chief Conductor Maestro Toshiyuki Kamioka, Dec. 16th and 17th at the most beautiful historical Wuppertal Concert Hall.


New CD now available!

The Melton Tuba Quartett has opened a new chapter in music history! The Duisburg  Philharmonic, Dresden Philharmonic, and Bamberg Symphony have commissioned a dramatic new work by John D. Stevens, the first ever “concerto grosso” for tuba quartet and symphony orchestra! This piece, called Grand Concerto 4 Tubas, was exclusively and especially written for the Melton Tuba Quartett and had it´s World Premiere at the Mercatorhalle Duisburg November 9, 2011 with the Duisburg Philharmonic under the baton of Carl St.Clair. Here´s a little youtube video of the second performance Nov.10, and a youtube impression of the encore pieces we did after the premiere performance… Together with other works by John Stevens “Grand Concerto 4 Tubas” appeared on CD and as download. Watch John and Heiko on Youtube talking about the new CD.

The CD can now be ordered here. For download you can visit Linn Records or HIGHRESAUDIO , choose your preferred audio quality and get the new recording even faster!

There were more performances already:

-  2011  Dresden Nov. 26 & 27, and children´s concert “Otto der Ohrwurm” featuring excerpts of the new piece

-  2012  Bamberg June 22, Fürth June 23, Schweinfurt June 24.

…and there will be even more this coming December in Wuppertal with Hartmut´s orchestra under the baton of Japan´s “conductor of the year” Toshiyuki Kamioka, chief conductor of the Wuppertal Symphony

Here you can read what the newspapers said about the concerts and the new piece.

World Premiere of new piece by Mike Forbes

At the Dresden Music Conservatory (Musikhochschule “Carl Maria v. Weber”) on Sunday, April 14, we had the tremendous pleasure to give World Premiere to our newest commission: Synergie4 by acclaimed tubist and composer Mike Forbes! Many thanks go to the audience that attended the concert in large numbers despite the fantastic weather outside… They liked Synergie4 just as much as we do!


Dear friends and fans of Melton Tuba Quartett! Dear curious and couragious guests! We wish you a very warm welcome to our new homepage.

As you see, we´ve been very busy and it is now even more worthwhile than ever to visit our site. Feel free to rummage through our photo gallery to your heart’s content and read the interesting background of Germany`s one and only tuba quartet. We hope that you are as astonished as we are that a daring experiment from the 1980’s developed into an established entity of modern music. Here, you will find many exciting concerts, our own editions of music and our CDs, the most recent of which can be ordered exclusively from this site. Have a nice time viewing!