Hartmut Müller

Hartmut Mueller received his first music lessons from his father on the trumpet. Many years later, he switched to the tuba, which he studied in both Wuppertal and Aachen as a student of Walter Hilgers. While still a student, he played in many renowned German symphony orchestras. After playing as a member in the RSO Saarbruecken, he earned the position of tubist in the Wuppertaler Sinfonieorchester, which he has held since 1988. Besides playing in orchestras, he soon discovered the opportunites that the tuba presents in chamber music and soloistic works. Performing as a soloist and being one of the founding members of the Melton Tuba Quartett, he quickly gained much acclaim and earned his reputation as a world-class musician in Germany and abroad. His career has brought him to concert venues in the USA, Japan, Italy, France, and Portugal.

Hartmut Mueller plays the following instruments:

  • B&S 5-valve F-Tuba Mod. 3099/2 with Perantucci mouthpiece PT-70
  • Meinl-Weston/Melton 4-valve BBb-Tuba Model-Fafner 195/2
  • with Perantucci mouthpiece PT-88
  • Meinl-Weston/Melton 5-valve Cimbasso with Bruno Tilz mouthpiece M 19